• I had My first visit today for a massage with Caitlin. Caitlin is personable and makes it so easy to relax and stay comfortable... this was my first professional massage and I’ll definitely be returning for monthly visits! I had a super great deal from Groupon but totally don’t mind paying regular cost for the service. Thanks a bunch Caitlin!
    Ashley Robinson
  • Not only are they awesome at adjustments and massage... their customer service makes you feel like family.
    Genise Bennett-Singleton
  • I like most the no-nonsence, straightforward and factual attitudes and the cozy atmosphere.
    Lianne Hansen
  • Mary Valencia
    I was recently referred to Discover Life Chiropractic with Dr. Hendrickson and I couldn't be happier that I made the choice to go. I have scoliosis, so my posture was terrible (still a work in progress) but I've noticed my posture is better, I don't have nearly as much back pain as I used to and I just feel like I could do more. I've only been there for a short time and I'm really happy with the doctor and my results. I'm so relieved so have this progress and relief. It truly has made my life easier.
    Mary Valencia
  • I have been going to Discover Life Chiropractic for almost twenty years. I go regularly and it is my number one health choice. my daughter and I have gone for treatment of colds, sinus, fever and many other illnesses plus regular spinal/ nerve health. Chiropractic makes sense to me because all your nerves go through the spine and if something is pinched or restricted the nerve will not send the right message. it's like a hose if it is kincked or pinched the flow of water is affected. First line of defense before a problem arises is spinal care
    JoAnne Thaves
  • Dr. Dave has taken me from having daily headaches & low back pain to being symptom free 99% of the time in five short weeks! I felt the benefits from day one and the improvements just keep coming! So glad my friend told me about Dr. Dave!!!
    Anne Finley
  • Dr. Dave is very good at adjusting backs. He really cares about long term chiropractic that keeps everything in alignment. I haven’t had the back problems that I used to have since I have been in his care. It is a very friendly place to go I really like all the staff.
    Marcia Thomas
  • I love coming to this office! I started with just a Groupon, that turned into having an accident and coming here for care, to now I couldn't imagine any other chiropractor. Everyone is so friendly here and I usually have to bring my little two year old and 9 month old and they are so accommodating with them and even let my two year old work behind the desk to help pay for my treatment � lol jk but seriously they let him play to help keep him busy while I'm getting adjusted and you can just tell you are the farthest thing from just a number at this office!!
    Marissa Kailing
  • Dr David is fantastic. He patient and listens well to all your needs. I have been steadily going here for 7 months now and my migraines are almost completely gone. I have migraines more than 15 days each month and I’m down to only a couple days a month with less severity. 110% worth it. His payment plans are great and allowed me to get the car I need. Thanks so much! 5 stars
    Kelsey Brook
  • Dr. Dave has helped reduce my neck pain from an 8 or 9 to a 3 or 4 most of the time. I have more energy and less anxiety. He worked with my insurance and worked with me when it stopped covering visits. If I knew anyone in town, I'd recommend him in a heartbeat. 5 stars
    Shayla Dunn